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This programme “Mind The Gap”,  (a.k.a MDGP) has been piloted by us in the Northamptonshire area for the past five years, with indisputable results of our work with youngsters in the community.

It is a programme that effectively transforms excluded students into “included”, engaged and re-integrated successful students; we achieve this over a short period of time. Our approach involves a number of well tailored strategies, in an environment designed specifically for achieving targeted result. Learn More

Program Strategy

Foolproof intervention programme designed to transform the lives of excluded youngsters in academics and learning


We provide a retreat atmosphere where you can get away from it all to study on a one on one with our expert tutor.


The secret to learning new things is to be willing to unlearn and relearn new approaches to problem solving.


Every participant in our programme gets reintegrated to the academic system and function with better results.

we are very experienced with
unprecedented results to show for our skills using


Our approach is very flexible and dynamic, as it allows for learning at your own pace, suggestive analysis and other problem solving techniques.


We do not base our teaching approach on fairy tales, based on experience-we have scientifcally proven approach to impacting knowledge and brigding the gap.


This means our system of teaching is very practicable, evident from feedback gotten from our past participants in the Northamptonshire area


All participants are exposed to assessment systems to measure changes from where they were to where they are at every state of our programme.



Years in Northamptonshire
1 %
Student Success Rate
1 %

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Gladys Adeleye

Project Co-ordinator

Laura Oboh

Senior Consultant

Olufemi Adeleye

Administrator/ Maths Tutor

Sophie Oboh

Initial Assessment Officer

Bolu Adeleye

Special Edu. Needs & Inclusion Trainee –SENIT


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