About MDGP

About Our Program

This programme “Mind The Gap”,  (a.k.a MDGP) has been piloted by us in the Northamptonshire area for the past five years, with indubitable results of our work with youngsters in the community.

It is a programme that effectively transforms excluded students into “included”, engaged and re-integrated successful students; we achieve this over a short period of time.

Our approach involves a number of well tailored strategies, in an environment designed specifically for achieving targeted result.

In the last 21 years of teaching and working with students of all learning spectrum, we have successfully developed and used a number of strategies to re-enage students with learning, re-teach them skills they may or may not have learnt; and then seamlessly reintegrate them into main stream education.

As a philosophy of education and pedagogy, the MDGP program is a reflection of our deep passion and strong belief that every child deserves to be given the opportunity to achieve the maximum level of success possible regardless of any debilitating crcumstances such as ADHD, Autism among many others.


Neuroscientists who study the human brain and learning have shown that the brain of children become completely developed at school. Thus, teachers play the important role of nurturing that development. 

By providing the right atmosphere, students brains’ can make the appropriate neuron-connections (pathways) with which they can engage with learning, retain concepts and re-call same as, and at when required.

In other words, a teacher who truly understands this phenomenon would present concepts to their students in a manner that guarantees success at exams, skills- building and future career success. This noble role is what we play at Mind the gap UK. With over 20 years’ experience in this specialised field; we deliver impeccable results by enforcing previous knowledge, presenting new ones and guiding students untoward personal creativity that culminates in a lasting academic legacy that both the learners and parents become very proud of.