Bolu Adeleye -Special Educational Needs & Inclusion Trainee SENIT

I am an Undergraduate at the University of Northampton, studying BA Special Educational needs and Inclusion. My passion for supporting individuals with special educational needs has made me seek more knowledge in this area of study.

In 6 years of working with families and individuals with learning difficulties and additional needs, I have found out that children and young people with such diagnosis are often limited in their achievement due to lack of effective and consistent support. Hence, I seek to work with them to bring about a change in this regard.

I have worked with different age ranges, from preschoolers with speech impediment and behavioural needs to young adults with learning difficulties, mental health needs.
I have also worked as an apprentice family support worker, a role in which I supported different families to achieve a person-centred goal. Some of these goals were to promote positive engagement of their children in the community and at school. I also supported them with filling applications for housing, jobs and registering at the surgery.

After my level 3 Health and Social Care apprenticeship, I worked with young adults with autism and other Special Educational/Mental health needs. I understand the Key person policy on person-centred support plan to enable individuals achieve their full potential and live independently as much as possible. I look forward to seeing more of such successes in my role at Mind the Gap.