Rebecca. was brought to me whilst in year 10 due to poor grades in school.

At the assessment she cored the following -12% in Maths, 25% English and 15% in Science –KS3 exam papers. She was a very well behaved student, so I immediately began to work with her in the subject areas. She attended lessons with me for an average of 4 days per week.

The gaps in Rebecca’s learning were due to the fact that she has come into the country from Africa that year. So there were a lot of concepts that she did not understand and whenever the teacher said –“remember when you did this in year 9?” she felt very nervous because she wasn’t in the country in year 9. She was also getting bullied, so her self esteem was totally low as well. So I began to tell her stories of success that I had achieved before and I assured her that once she began to do well in School, the bullies would back off because she attended a School were school success was well celebrated.

To bridge the gaps created in Rebecca’s learning, I got the KS3 syllabus and began to teach her concepts from there. By the end of that School year, she achieved all Ds in her Mock result –this was the grade she had been predicted to achieve at the end of year 11. So for me, this was a milestone achievement and I told her same and celebrated as I would have had she achieved A*. I assured her that if she could already achieve Ds at the end of year 10, it meant that she would achieve grades above Ds in her actual GCSEs, and she did. She achieved 2 Bs in Science, a B in Maths, C in English, and B in English Literature, C in PE and an in Philosophy and Ethics.

Her parents were very pleased and decided that she stays with me for tutoring whilst in sixth form but I declined. I assured the parents that with the way I had trained her to study; she would do well in her sixth form subjects independent of me. They could hardly believe this but when Rebecca’s AS results turned as 4 A*s, they had no doubt whatsoever. She obtained all A8*s in Sixth form and went unto the University of her choice to study Physiotherapy.