The story of Thomas, when he came to me; he had just 9 weeks to GCSEs. Mum was very worried because he had achieved only levels 2/3 in his final mock Exams.

As I only had about 60 days to his first paper, I decided to apply my exam skills strategy. We had asked the School if he could write the higher paper in Science, as that was the major concern of his parents, but they refused. In their refusal letter, they stated that it was impossible for him to achieve a level 5 having barely managed to achieve a level 3/3 in the mocks exams. I told the parents that the writer did not have the experience that I had built up for many years of working with students, so we decided to prepare Thomas for the foundation paper. It was 60days that it took me. At the end, he achieved 5/5 in Science. 2 grades above his predicted grade of 3. His teacher had said it would be impossible for him to achieve 2 grades above what he had achieved in Mocks, but using our strategy, we proved her wrong and Thomas did achieve 2 grades about! He would have achieved grades 6, 7 or above had he been allowed to write the higher paper.

Apart from these individual stories, I have a number of Schools that would testify to the fact that I had helped to raise student’s attainment significantly. I cannot mention School names here as I do not have their permission, but the many parents that I have worked with their children, would testify and some have indeed written testimonials on our website. This is why we come highly recommended by many parents and our previous students.