I am a qualified teacher with 21 years of experience in working with children of diverse abilities and special educational needs. I have through these years developed certain strategies that enable me to work with students that many others find challenging; and get these youngsters to make very quick progress in their learning, a distinct improvement in their behavior and attitude to learning at School, and eventually to achieve their full potential.

In my classroom, I create a fun-filled atmosphere that enables students to relax and interact with the Maths/Science concepts I present to them, and as such they fully assimilate these concepts and consequently, recall the same effortlessly.

My passion and the outstanding results that I was achieving with my students, made motivated me to delve into the field of neuroscience. Then in my search, I found out that every single method and strategy that I had developed and used would work with any student because what I was actually doing was getting my students to apply certain rules that enabled them to change their way of thinking and as such, their brains were able to learn, retain and recall concepts easily –a concept known as neuroplasticity in the Science of the brain.

I have a number of case studies that prove this to be the case. So, using the same strategies, I will surely work with the youngsters under my care, provide an atmosphere for them to retreat from the hectic school environment, then they can learn and relearn concepts that they had previously not understood. Then having thus prepared them, we would re-integrate them into the mainstream education system; seamlessly.

Similarly, I have through practice, developed a set of methods with which I take students in exam year from whatever grade they have been predicted in Maths and Science, to a minimum of 2 grades higher; in approximately 90 days. I have seen this transformation happen in some students in just 60 days- please check out our testimonial page for some of these proofs. As I would later find out from Dr. Caroline Leaf (a renowned neuroscientist), the human brain can be changed and made to pick up new skills in about 72 days.

So, with such experience, knowledge, and scientific backing, the only outcome expected of any young person we work with here at MIND THE GAP, is a sure success.