The effective bridging of gaps is what we do at MINDTHEGAP. 
In doing this, we offer 3 services:

Student Services

We would take your excluded students for a period of 6 weeks and use our tried and tested methods to provide them a retreat, where they can “relearn” in areas where these gaps have been created to enable them “re-engage” with the classroom learning in the mainstream setting, seamlessly.

Also we offer exam success package. This is a 90 day program that if adhered to, is guaranteed to enable students raise their GCSE grades by 2 levels in Maths, Science and English Language. This program has been tried and tested with similar results. In some cases, students achieved 2 grades higher in just 60 days.

GAP Teacher Service

Teachers are in short supply across the UK. We have identified this need and decided to help by supplying qualified teachers who have undergone our training and re-training programs to UK standard.

This means if your school or community is in need of teachers, we are equipped with enough manpower and license to operate as your supply agent. We also organize trainings for foreign teachers to understand what it takes to teach in the UK. The methods, techniques and expectations of all stake holders involved in education.

For School owners

Are you a school owner in need of QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS
to mind the gaps in your institution?

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